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20 Years SEO Experience

PositionClick Corporation is the leading internet advertising agency in the world with a core competency in SEO, SEM, and PPC. Based in Cambridge Mass and utilizing its “SEO Factory” staffed with computer programming experts and internet marketing gurus the firm will fulfill its Mission:

to “Help Businesses Grow via Internet Advertising”.

Today, few people are unaware of the massive influence of Google, Facebook, Yahoo, and other leading Internet Brands and the drastic shift in commerce to the web. However, in the rush to reach market most internet businesses have focused on dominating web traffic, eyeballs, visibility, leads, conversions, to their own websites – rather than services the needs of millions of businesses and ecommerce platforms who rushed to the internet in the past 10 years. 

Big Data Analysis

Our SEO Consultants are experts at Data Analysis and Big Data sets.

SEO for Mobile

Don’t forget to get “mobile optimized” for iPhone and Android Devices.

Keyword Rankings

Guaranteed Rankings – payment after achievement of Rankings for Competitive Keywords.

Better Conversion

SEO Consultants also optimize existing traffic to convert better.  Contact for a No Risk Assessment.


Please call anytime, representatives are available from 10am – 7pm EST. 


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